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RustyBlog 119

Rust is finally leaving early access Thursday the 8th, what does this mean?
Take a look here at the official Facepunch announcement.

What does it mean for Rusty servers, what will be the most notable changes?
Well not much will change really, updates by Facepunch will now be monthly, which means servers can be wiped at a set time versus having to wait for a weekly Facepunch update, so:
US servers wipe will happen at 3PM EST sharp,
EU servers wipe at 3PM GMT,
AU servers will wipe Fridays at 6AM AEST.

LowPop / 2 Week servers wipe every 2 weeks still, type /wipe in game for more info!

This will be pretty much the biggest change after this Thursday, since updates will now be monthly it means that they will be less glitchy and more stable.

Other things to note, Progressive Loot in Rusty servers has been tweaked with this last wipe and I am seeing higher population numbers across all servers, and, also, population does not seem to die off as quickly, it pretty much sticks until wipe day.

Atlanta is getting a beefier machine tomorrow as well with the update, so be sure to look for it again in the modded section as it won’t be in your history.

Thats all folks, any questions on concerns please feel free to contact me via Help Desk or in Discord if you can catch me there.



RustyBlog 118


Few bug fixes that were implemented this week:

  • Remove Tool, a clan member can now remove even if he doesn’t have access to a nearby code lock. Beware of who you recruit to your clan.
  • TP/Home, chair bug is fixed, also, TP/Foundation bug is fixed, also, you can not set a home underwater.
  • NoRecoil, I perfected my anti NoRecoil script, so if you’re using cow dung, stop, if I don’t catch you, EAC will.
  • Decay, will now stay constant throughout the wipe, used to be based on the amount of entities in the server, now its strictly based on server X times, for example, on a 2X server decay will be 5 times less than Vanilla, on a 5X server decay will be half of Vanilla. So on.
  • QuickSmelt, has been ‘broken’ for awhile, I tackled this as well, Smelt speed will be based on server X times, for example, on a 2X server, stuff will smelt 2 times faster than Vanilla, on a 3X, 3 times faster, and so on. Also, you can no longer refine oil in furnaces and campfires, that was just dumb, use a Refinery from now on.
  •  Other plugin/code clean up that no one really cares about.



  • New perks will be live for Saboteur ranks on Thursday, this includes, Security Cameras, Automated Search Lights with option of remote controlling them, for more info check out the VIP purchase page, Saboteur rank.
  • No repurchase is required it will work right away if you have a valid Saboteur VIP code.
  • I can upgrade any rank at any time as well, submit a ticket at the Help Desk.


On the agenda:

  • Perfect progressive loot system, based on item rarity and based on how long ago the server wiped, also keeping in consideration if its a weekly server or a two week wipe cycle server.
  • XP system will be reworked, players need better rewards.As always feel free to comment in Discord or if you need to be personal, submit an Help Desk ticket, any feedback is welcome!




RustyBlog 116

First off, thanks to all the loyal players that keep Rusty servers #1 in the modded community. It has been a great year.

Tool Cupboard

Since you can no longer stack Tool Cupboards, i implemented a Code Lock check along with privilege check, this means that you can not remove if you are not authorized in nearby Door Code Locks, roughly 2 foundation radius check.

This is work in progress and will tweak/improve as more feedback flows in.

Remove Tool was never meant to be a raiding tool, it was meant to be a base owner aid tool only, and with the removal of stacked Tool Cupboards raiding was too easy with the good old hammer.

Raid Block

Improved Raid Block checks on Teleport and Trade.



RustyBlog 115

Building 3.0

It’s here, and there are big changes, for full information and videos about this change please check out Rustafieds great post by clicking here.



With this update you may no longer place cupboards next to each other, be sure to hide your main cupboard well otherwise if a player gains access to it they can take over your base and even remove it using the Remove Tool.

Also there is a poll at the website about how the Remove Tool should behave.



Decay in Rusty servers is WAY less the value than it is in Vanilla servers, however make sure to stock your Tool Cupboard with resources to avoid any sort of decay.

Also, if you totally hate Decay, i do have NoDecay servers, if a server has a NoDecay word in the server title then that means that this server has no decay.



This update disabled the ability of placing Quarries, in my servers however you can still place them, find a spot with a Survey Charge and place your Quarry!



Other minor tweaks that no one really cares about.



RustyBlog 114


Recent lag on busy servers have been a headache for me and a lot of you, Facepunch is aware of this issue and I have been working with one of the developers to help track this issue down. Looking good for this next update.

Progressive Loot 2.0

I have spent some time this week tweaking my progressive loot system, the old system was okay but not effective and it mostly resulted in Vanilla loot content.

I tweaked it so all the loot is modded even in the first hour of a wipe, however, important items like guns and raiding materials have been tweaked so that they are not as common at the start of a wipe, they will still exist, but, they will be rare on a fresh wipe, and, they will get less rare as the wipe progresses. In other words, expect a more challenging and lengthy wipe, this is WIP and i will tweak as needed based on players feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


EU 5X Migration

EU 5X will be migrating to a much faster machine today, no data will be lost with the migration but server IP will change, meaning it wont be in your History list, you will need to search for it again in the modded server list. Rusty|EU|5X.

New specs

CPU:  Intel  i7-7700K OC – 4c/8t – 4.7GHz /5GHz
RAM:  64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
Disks:  SoftRaid  2x450GB  NVMe
I will provide live updates in this blog as the migration progresses.
Status: Complete, search for Rusty|EU|5X in modded server list as it wont be in your History anymore.

RustyBlog 113

Rust is finally coming back up from the pits, gaining new players and making wipes last longer, all thanks to the BluePrints 3.0 update.

As most of you know i made a survey poll on BP wipes, results were mixed but most of you want BPs wiped when a server wipes.

I have worked extensibly on server loot to allow minimal grinding and prolonging wipes, so far its working, all the feedback is positive, and this is also work in progress!

I made the bold decision of wiping BPs whenever a server wipes, why?

  • On a fresh wipe, Bows dont work versus AK’s and other guns, so everyone starts at the same level after a wipe, promoting good Rust play and fairness.
  • Dont need players with past learned BPs raiding on day 1.
  • Not wiping BPs when a server wipes defeats the whole purpose, and, it wouldnt be a wipe, it would be a half wipe.

If you dont like this decision, keep in mind that I have been working non stop to make sure grind is very minimal. You can even find BPs in loot, all of this is progressive, meaning as the wipe progresses, the better loot, and, better chances of finding BPs in the server loot. My ultimate goal: make every wipe fun, not grindy.

And if you ultimately dont like this, Rusty has several servers that wipe weekly, every 2 weeks, and even NoWipe servers. Not to forget my no BP server, all BPs are unlocked.

Any feedback is always welcome.


RustyBlog 112 (Blueprints 3.0)

Blueprints are back, and what an awesome and much needed update!

If you are not familiar on how they work, check out Rustafied’s great tutorial on how it all works by clicking here.

Adjustments will be made to the servers once more feedback from players come in, but so far I only made a few adjustments:

  • There is now more Scrap in server loot depending on the server gather rate, for example, 4X server will have about twice the amount than a 2X server.
  • Along with progressive loot, you can now also find Blueprints themselves in the server loot, they are rare but they are out there, and, they will become less and less rare as the wipe progresses.
  • Reduced cupboard radius to Vanilla values, slight decrease, nothing crazy, you probably won’t even notice.
  • You may NOT place High External Walls if there is a raid going on, some folks were abusing this ‘exploit’ in order to prevent a successful raid.
  • The ability of finding Oil craters so you can place a Pumpjack has been nerfed as well, the odds of finding them with a Survey Charge get better and better as the wipe progresses on. But they will be somewhat rare right after a fresh wipe.

Also, Rusty|3X|Solo/Duo/Trio and Rusty|2X|Solo/Duo/Trio moved to different machines in the same location, you will need to search for the server again in the modded server list inside Rust.

More adjustments will be made to make Rust even better in my servers, all the feedback, good or bad, is very welcome!


Update day

Another update today, here are a couple of changes that I did:

  • Progressive loot is more aggressive, hopefully this will help the wipe last longer.
  • Oil craters are harder to find, but they are also progressive, the more hours into a wipe the easier it will be to find one.
  • Servers with NoLadder in server name wont allow ladder and structure placement, servers without NoLadder in the name will allow ladder placement but not structure placement.
  • VIP purchases made after Sep 1 2017 are now good for 6 months versus 4 months prior to Sep 1.